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Reframing Enneagram Stereotypes Ebook


Originally created for Linkedin, this ebook aims to dispel many of the stereotypes about each Enneagram types that often appear on social media.

Don't worry, this isn't 302 pages of dense analysis, but rather a high level snapshots that speak to each type's inner world.

It includes:

  • What the emotional vice or passion for each type really means
  • Common traits or behaviours fuelled by that passion
  • A checklist for each type
  • A description of the three flavours of each type (the 27 subtypes)
  • What growth looks like for each type
  • Explaining what growth looks like for each type and each corresponding virtue

This is for you if:

  • You're struggling to wrap your head around what each type really means
  • You'd like a short, easy to consume descriptions that clarify rather than confuse
  • You would like a simple way to explain the types to friends
  • You're looking for a non nonsense, no fluff guide to each type
  • You want a quick way to distinguish between the 27 types
  • You want to check your own stories about each Enneagram type

This isn't:

  • An in-depth guide to what the Enneagram is and it's history
  • An exploration of all the nuances of each type
  • A practical guide for using the Enneagram for personal development
  • An exploration of what healing looks like for each type

The Enneagram shows us who we are not. It shows us the things we don’t want to see about ourselves.

It’s uncomfortable.

And in that discomfort our ego’s create stories about each type to protect us from that discomfort.

My hope, with this brief booklet, is to present what’s often hidden or overlooked by the stereotypical stories and social media snippets.

That these short descriptions can reveal the differences in the 9 types, and show how different the 27 ego patterns are.

This is a very high level view, but sometimes the big picture can help to reveal our differences as much as our similarities.

I hope this ebook helps to clarify and reframe any stereotypes you carry around the Enneagram.

Note: this book has been converted to A5 format so is suitable for printing. However, as it was originally formatted for Linkedin, you may not want to print the whole book at once. But just pick and choose your favourite cheatsheets.

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Reframing Enneagram Stereotypes Ebook

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