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Outsmarting Procrastination

Procrastination is an unavoidable party of the healing process.

In fact, it's an essential part.

We can't heal without facing up to the resistance that keeps us from healing.

It seems paradoxical that once we decide to heal our own unconscious tries to stop us from doing the very thing we know we need to do.

But from our bodies perspective, it's the sensible one.

It has a cleverly designed inner protection system built in childhood to protect you from overwhelming pain and confusing feelings.

And it's been working just fine ever since! Ha!

Except it hasn't. Its patterns of operating have contributed to your state of dis-ease and to heal you need to learn how to change your patterns. And that means learning how to work with and heal the resistance to healing.

This guidebook will show you a methodology for working with resistance as it arises.

So you can stay in the flow of healing.

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50 page guidebook and audio companion

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Outsmarting Procrastination

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